How much money will you make?

The possibilities are endless. It all depends on you. The more and better images you submit, more you'll make. An unofficial average is around $1 per month per image. Therefore if you have 300 images in portfolio you should be making around $300 per month. Portfolio with 3000 images should be easily bringing you 3 grand a month! And so on.

These are average estimates. It all depends on quality of your work and amount of patience and time you are prepared to invest in photography. In last couple of years the microstock scene brought to light several real photographer stars that sell thousands of images daily. These photographers, still considered amateurs by old-school photographers, make $50,000 and more each month! And the best of all is: This is ongoing income. Once built your portfolio will keep bringing you money without any additional effort on your end! If you are making $5000 a month and are satisfied with that, you can retire and don't work any more at all. That's your photos, you own copyright on them and you collect profit for good!

Finally, it's important to mention that since you keep 100% ownership on your photos (Microstock agency only resells license to use), you can, at any given moment, build your own web site and sell the photos all by yourself and keep 100% of the profit. Or even better, you can have your site, sell the photos, keep 100% of the profit and let the microstock agency keep selling your photos as well - that's plenty of additional income.

So does all of this sound good and is your initial batch of ten photos ready? Click here to apply to microstock agency now!