What is Stock Photography?

Stock Photography is consisted of existing photographs that can be licensed for certain usage. Nowadays many industries utilize stock photography starting from magazines and book publishers to interior and exterior designers to web & print design and marketing companies.

In other words, Stock Photography is collection (very huge one, usually) of photographs and illustrations available to license for use at certain terms. By using Stock Photography, licensees are quickly getting photo and art content for their needs, at much lower price and faster compared to hiring a photographer/artist for making exclusive materials.

For decades stock photographs were contributed by professional full-time photographs that could afford thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars worth equipment. As the time went buy professional photography equipment was becoming better, easier to use and much cheaper so more and more people could afford it so traditional Stock Photography agencies and professional "old school" photographers were facing more and more competition with every new day. Finally, introduction of digital photo cameras in early 2000s led to microstock revolution that introduced an army of new stock photography companies and photographers, providing very larges quantities of good quality content and more than affordable prices.

Nowadays, microstock agencies dominate the market with thousands of new images added daily and millions of dollars paid to contributing photographers every month.

Every talented amateur photographer with an average digital photo camera can make thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per month in microstock photography.

With lots of patience and hard but pleasant work you can be next microstock star too! INTERESTED? Click here to learn how to start!